Conference Presentations

Gain insights into the present and future of the profession from prominent leaders in project management research—Anne Sigismund Huff, PhD, Jack Meredith, PhD and Peter Morris, PhD—in daily plenary sessions. 
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Led by Gina Vega, Editor of the CASE Journal, this workshop is open to faculty and graduate students. It will help you to determine how you might teach a case in a way that excites your students and improves the quality of their learning process. Show me more.

Portland, Oregon USA
Both natural beauty and vibrant city life are here for you in Portland! See all there is to do in the city and surrounding area. 
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Additional Sessions
Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 July will feature a pre-conference academic forum, doctoral colloquium and teaching case workshop. 
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The PMI Research and Education Conference 2014 has concluded. We thank all attendees, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and staff for making it a successful and memorable event. For more information on PMI Academic Resources please visit or e-mail

The 2014 PMI® Research and Education Conference will bring together researchers, reflective practitioners and students of project management and allied disciplines in one premier international event.

The theme, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: In Search of Theory and Evidence reflects three key issues facing the field of project management research and education:

  • How research and education can “stand on the shoulders of giants” – enabling us to see farther and with greater insight because of the knowledge platform being built.
  • The role of theory and whether the field has moved on from Koskela and Howell’s (2002) provocation, that there is no underlying theory of project management.
  • The opportunity of evidence- based project management, which was highlighted at the 2012 Research and Education Conference in Professor Denise Rousseau’s (2012) keynote address.

How will the field respond to this call? We invite you to join the conversation around these key issues at the 2014 Research and Education Conference.

Attendees will have the opportunity to present and discuss new project management research findings and teaching methods through a variety of formats, including papers, symposia and poster sessions.

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